How it works for businesses


Kazimate is designed to help businesses and individuals to hire on-demand temporary workers without affecting their existing human resources. Here's how it works for your business.


Create a business account

Using your name and email, create a free account where you'll be managing your recruitments, your hired temporary workers, and each payment you make to them.

Place your work order

Describe the scope of your task, where it's located, when you wish it done, what time-frame you want it to take, how much you are willing to pay for it, then submit your task.


monetization_onPay for the task

Using your preferred payment method (bank deposit or mobile money or PayWay), pay for the task you wish to be done. Once your payment is verified, your work order will be active on Kazimate.

smsGet responses from workers

Interested workers will send you request for the job, compare them regarding their expertise, recommendations from other employers who have used them, and number of similar tasks they have done over time to find your best pick.


done_outlineAssign work to the worker you want

After comparing interested workers and finding the one you want for the job, you can assign him or her the task you want to get done. Once the works is finished, check if it's fine, approve the work order so that we can pay.

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Manage your hired temporary workers in one place


Save your dependable workers

Skip the screening process whenever you have repeat jobs with a list of dependable temporary workers you can run to at short notice.


Real-time feedback

Monitor the progress of your work every step of the way with in-built real-time tools that keep you and your worker on the same page.


Delegate recurring processes

Let’s handle the paperwork while you focus on the more important needs of your business. Our system does the scheduling, screening and so much more.


Do it all in one place

From recruiting workers to approving completed tasks, everything is done in one area that’s easy-to-use and easy to understand to save your time.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Prior payment  for the job before it’s done guarantees that the worker you hire will get paid once the work is done to your satisfaction; At the same time, it elevates the transparency of the platform.  

All the workers on Kazimate are vetted by our team and the information shared about them is confirmed by us to ensure no loop holes are missed. That way the company can have a level of trust in the workers' credibility.

Yes, we do but for the work to be listed in the work marketplace, the cheque has to mature and the funds reflected in our account. 

The decision to pay or not to pay the worker solely depends on you. Kazimate has also integrated a range of tools to reasonably help resolve those issues. For example, you can specify the tasks you want the worker to accomplish before submitting his/her finished work. These include specifying that they check-in and check-out every time they report on-site, uploading the photos of the work before and after it has been done, signing a delivery note confirming that the job is done, and more. With all of these tools in place, issues can clearly be seen and resolved amicably without escalating, and in case, any of the above is not fulfilled, you can always return the task to the worker until they fulfill it. 

Cancellation is accepted as long as the posted task/job is not assigned to any worker, that way no inconvenience is caused to the worker who could have given up other tasks to cater to your assignment. 

Yes, Kazimate does cover such tasks too, when the need arises for a temporary worker in your company, Kazimate is able to provide for the same and hence the flow of your work is not affected in any way. 

Yes, you can also use Kazimate to find temporary workers for your projects. Kazimate is in place to simplify your sourcing of workers for your urgent tasks whether it's an individual or a business. 

Postponing the task is acceptable if there is certainty that the job will be done  at a later time.