Kazimate Refund and Reimbursement Policy

Thank you for choosing Kazimate for managing your tasks and hiring part-time workers.Kazimate offers refunds and reimbursements as long as your circumstances make you eligible or fall within our (Kazimate's) refund policy.

Refunds are limited to clients or businesses that have made payments to Kazimate for tasks that they would want to source workers for through the Kazimate app or www.kazimate.com or over-the-counter at Kazimate's office or any other third-party that Kazimate uses to collect funds for tasks. Below are the factors that would determine if you are eligible for a refund;

Eligibility for Refunds

You can choose to request for a refund from Kazimate if;

Worker Reimbursements

Reimbursements are limited to workers or agencies that have been assigned a task through the Kazimate app or website (www.kazimate.com) and have accomplished it or were already in the course of executing it. Below are the factors that would determine whether you as a worker or an agency are eligible to a reimbursement from your temporary employer;

Eligibility for reimbursement

You can claim a reimbursement from your temporary employer if:

Time it takes to receive your refund

All refunds that meet the above mentioned requirements might take up to 72hours for the funds to be deposited back on the source account from which the funds were collect. This is due to internal communications between our team and several departments involved.

Third-party transactional charges might apply in the process of our team getting your funds back to your account.You will be responsible for those charges.

Time it takes to receive your reimbursement

Kazimate desn't reimburse workers for additional expenses they have incurred during the execution of the task. It's the person or business that posted the task that has to reimburse you for such expenses.

Kazimate simply provides the tools that can help you claim your reimbursement from the person who assigned you work through the Kazimate platform. Any negotiations outside the platform would be up to your own risk.

Due to the fact that Kazimate is not the one reimbursing you for your additional expenses on a task you were assigned by a task owner, reimbursements might take up to 31 days to be reflected on your account.

Any other claims and complaints about payments can be filled directly at our office at Ambassador House, first floor, room BFF05, Kampala road. Or you can file a complaint online at support@kazimate.com