How it works for workers

Kazimate helps skilled people like you to find part-time work that will help you earn extra income to backup your existing job. Here's how it works for workers.


Create a free account

Using your name and email, create a free account that you'll be using to build a robust portfolio that clients won't help but simply hire you for their on-demand tasks.

Search for work in the marketplace

If you find the offer the business is offering for the task to be tying in well with your needs, simply click the "Request this task" button and wait for the employer's response.


messageApply for available tasks

Send a message to the client expressing your interest in the job and place a counteroffer in case you want to do it at a preferred rate. If the client is interested in your offer, he/she will assign you to do the task.

reply_allSubmit your finished work

Report to the site and do the task according to the instructions of the client, once finished submit your finished work with snapshots showing the task before and after completion.


done_outlineGet paid

If the client is happy with the work you have submitted, he/she will approve your payment which we will deposit on your account or on your mobile money account according to your preference.

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Build a strong portfolio that will win you every job you apply for

Find reliable part-time work

Skip the hassle of roaming through company lobbies and receptions looking for work. Easily connect with clients who badly need your services.


Build a reputation in your field

As you complete each job successfully, our system is designed to help you build a robust name that will help you win every task application.


Delegate recurring processes

Let’s handle the paperwork while you focus on the more important needs of your business. Our system does the scheduling, screening and so much more.


Do it all in one place

From recruiting workers to approving completed tasks, everything is done in one area that’s easy-to-use and easy to understand to save your time.

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